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Penny Little - Short bio

From June 2003, through 2005, Penny documented the problems with electronic voting machines and the election process, beginning with an interview with David Dill of Verified Voting. She was in Florida and Ohio during and in the aftermath of the Presidential Election 2004 with her cameras, and continues to be active in the election reform movement, often making appearances or calling in at salon showings of her film "Electile Dysfunction"
Penny currently is Coordinating Director of People to People TV a grassroots media alliance- which has been the recipient of a Fund for Santa Barbara grant ans donations from Walden Three.From 2002 to present People to People TV- produces ongoing bi-monthlyy televisioy shosw.

Penny started her career in entertainment as a performance artist, once signed as a singer songwriter to Warner Brothers UK from 1987-1990. In addition to currently performing in an electronic band The Away Team, Penny's cartoon character Little Savage made a bid for the Presidency Y2K but the other cartoon won. She has also produced rap, thrash metal, punk, country with teens as part of Gang Prevention through the Arts in southern California, helping students to tell their own stories through music and drama. (1991-93) Penny has taught as an Artist in the Schools specialist, teaching songwriting, filmmaking, and multi-media (1993-99).

Penny was one of the producers and editors for Awademy Award winning director Barbara Trent's Waging Peace an award winning documentary and organizing tool. Check out Good Films


Other Credits

•Producer/editor of Army of One ad for television. This ad was aired for three weeks in New Hampshire (3000 spots), funded by donation from Walden Three. In addition, Joe Scarborough aired the ad nationally on his show.

•Co-produced the Boston Media Summit Net 04. This Summit brought together 75 representatives from independent media - covered by Wired News and the Nation Magazine.

•Logistics Coordinator for 2003 Santa Barbara Democracy Festival, as part of the National Rolling Thunder Democracy Tour with Jim Hightower.

•Assistant to the Director Jon Zuber in an interactive production of "Moulin Rouge" at the Bacara Hotel for Pacific Bell, in June of 2001.

•Worked in production of feature comedy "Nick Furst: SBI" directed by Jon Zuber, in props, created masks, generally worked as an all round production assistant. 1992

Produces television commercials with political messages, for candidates and campaigns.

•Produced 60 half hour mini-documentary shows for People to People TV from 2002-present.

•Past lives: Film Major, Sangamon State University. Produced animated shorts and film "Lullaby for the Orphans". Musical Director for the Theater of the Unemployed. Springfield, Illinois; Co-Director, Isla Vista Children's Theater.

Penny Little